I have shared this story before, but while on one of my many business trips, had a conversation with a business woman and the topic of men and sex and tester one came up.

She stated she always thought it was utter bullshit that men used (the sex drive), and then she and her husband had to do IVF work and the doctor had given her to much T-juice. She had to stay on it for the 30-days and then they could adjust.

She stated her husband loved loved loved it until day 3, then after that he was like fuck. She stated OMFG I was climbing the walls and wanted to mount anything and anyone non-stop. After she was off she stated she felt sorry for every boy she dated and man where she said WTF control yourself, and she stated she appreciated her husband from the early days of dating.

My comment was imagine being 8–12 and that atomic bomb going off.

Now mind you it is never an excuse or should be used for any violence (period), but it is true for a hyper majority of the guys out there.

Mother nature is a twisted also, as sexuality and comfort and drive ramps up massively (on average for women) the drive for men drops like a rock. Of course there is a biological reason (birth regulator / natural way to limit babies), but the emotional and mental screw it does for both genders is pretty damaging both ways.

So the long sordid story is why? Because you gals (both CIS and trans) are amazingly beautiful and wonderful and the mystery of being able to sustain life and birth (if you desire it) is stunningly awesome. I do realize that women go nuts also in return for guys, but

My last joke is …. God is a jokester, he gave man two brains, but only enough blood for one of them ….. party on.

That was then … this is now.

Women want and deserve more, and as such being in the driver seat they want a more well round guy that knows how to change gears between being the leader and the follower. Some folks are calling it mindful masculinity others call it work …

I call it learning to be a human being knowing how to balance both one’s inner masculine and feminine spirits.

Every person needs to find their own balance both mentally, physically, and most importantly spiritual (not a religious spirit but one of soul).

Will people get horny and need to get off … definitely. Who doesn’t love connection, and touch and reciprocation in the hope of more in the long term. People also need to understand that sex is needed but without connection it is nothing more than mutual masturbation. The goal is intimacy with both sides orgasming and getting relief mental and physically.

I believe (and I could be wrong) that as things yo-yo back and forth until guys can feel safe truly sharing their hearts and mind, gals will sadly have to weed through the pictures of sadness and loneliness that all men know very well.

As the unicorn (as I have stated in the past) is an empathic man (for now).

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.