I have Sleep Apnea that I have under control; however, having allergic asthma I can be in conditions were I wake up hard. As such sometimes, I know I am at a place where I have to be up far earlier then my partner. I am hungry so what do I do?

I make coffee, have a slice of toast, or a biscotti and then combo usually tides me over.

Living together, building relationships regardless of intimacy is hard work and compromise. So given I have lived on the road out of a bag and staying “at home” is something new for me (3 years now), I appreciate both situations.

You are right the silence can be horrible or a blessing. IMO from my perspective it comes down to how safe you feel. If you are alone it becomes really really critical to practice self love, empower your imagination and fantasies and “schedule” me time for you.

Your soul is hungry … and it sucks, but it isn’t the end of the world. When you are alone, maybe try to setup a video chat at breakfast time with your mom so you can virtually eat with her on the family time.

Be well.

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