I have spent considerable time dealing with sleep and comfort around it. My running joke to folks I would meet on my travels was this:

Sleep and biology "fuck this". I will just consume bourbon and coffee and regulate it better myself.

For a decade plus (hell even longer), I averaged 2-3 hours of sleep a night. It took a toll that is indescribable.

It was funny I collected sleep data (thank you fitbit), and got a GP (I know 40's year old guy actively managing his health). Took the data and given I never went to the doctor he was concerned with the blood work.

I had a sleep study done (after being transferred to a sleep and pulmonary specialist). $15K hotel suite sleep night with wires all over the place and a fun voyeur experience (ha).

I did my ritual thing I always did, fell asleep. Then was shook awake, by the sleep tech.

Dude, thank god you woke up yeah you got this bad (yeah I win right!)

Fixed it all (took 2 years to fix the sleep).

But ... it all started with me getting a JW Marriott bed and all the pillows and what not. Set the bed up with my head to the east and feet to the west and all that.

It helped me relax, but in the end. It also meant that I had other things I had to fix the traumas, get better health (not something I presume you need), and actually adult up and deal with my demons.

So two thumbs up from me, toss that mattress and get a bed made for a queen :)