I have thought about this over the past 6 months, and the biggest takeaway for me is how radically different men and women look at the same situation. It obviously has everything to do with social conditioning and needs satisfaction.

When women lose it because they don’t hit some unattainable (or attainable for 5–10 years of their life) ideal, men lose it based on having an unattractive or untrained personality, persona, or expectation of where they need to be.

Women are like duh idiot you can easily fix those, while you can’t fix the core packaging. Men are like duh have moments where you are constantly woken at 2–4am with a raging hard on and can’t sleep, or seeing a woman or situation where you mind goes blank and you were like WTF how does one build from that. Men under appreciate the damage they do by gauging the whole of the person by the packaging, and women under appreciate the raw biology of men in the same proportion that men don’t understand the fear a woman has while walking down an alley on a dark night by herself.

Homosexual (keeping it binary) have it radically harder since society makes it hard but easier as men know men and women know women. A friend of mine who has proclaimed his love for me numerous times while I told him no dude, had an apt point.

I really feel for you at your core as a man. You raw sexuality could devastate me and multiple men and keep going on and on and you loyalty is beyond compare. Yet the drama and shit you have to put up because your partner doesn’t get you or what I believe uses you make me angry. When you are ready to switch teams, come on over and I can guarantee you will be drained completely, where a woman could never achieve it …

I thanked him and there are days I wish I had the desire for men like I did women, since frankly it gets tiring

Men and women are different, and that difference makes it explosively wonderful or horrible in the same vain. I own my shit, and I work on communicating better, but it is funny in a way since I believe I am like a lot of other guys. All we care about is the basics food and sex, and yet a hyper majority have to rely on porn to satisfy it. I am a demisexual also and need a connection for sex, but do understand that raw full force raging demon is in me as it is in many other guys ….. I just have a harder and stronger control, but in controlling it …. it damages me daily and the only draining I get is my patience ….

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