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3 min readJul 19, 2020


Yael Wolfe I have traveled the world, now I am a homebody 5 years into setting roots with a home for the first time. I walked into the world of social media under the request from a therapist, and then I walked out by the same request.

My advice to you if I were sitting drinking a cup of coffee while I make a cup for you and we look out at nature is.

Don't consume news unless you can read it on paper. No comments section, and focus on the hard news, and only dabble with op-eds when you feel happy.

Write your heart and mind and souls needs. Walk in nature, spend time in it. If you don't have animals get a cat and a dog each in a pair, because they need a friends that will always be there.

If you are scared, watch some youtube videos on self defense courses, for when this virus lifts you can train yourself to protect yourself.

Exercise your angst away. Before the wave of allergies hit and my body said dude nope. I was up to 9 mile fast walks every day. When I was sexually frustrated, or having to call it with a friend who we got to close and it violated my loyalty walls, I walked and did things.

I took the energy and exercise the pain and horniness, and when it still was there, I self loved.

I took on feminism and read, I even picked up books on the plight of transgendered souls. I worked hard on my masculinity pouring energy into it. I focused on my work and that.

Then I stumbled across the writings of yours and then other women you follow. It was at that point all the hard work on my masculinity came forward and I started to break free from bondage chains.

I wrote poetry like I would have in my head.

Am I struggling? Of course, I have strong lust, emotions, and feelings. I have anger, I have love, and I can get tired when the drugs hit from being surounded by cats and horses who wear CAT IV allergies on them and when they dance on me or when I hold them (CAT II). I still love and I still fight. I bought a treadmill and started to fiind city maps of the world to walk.

For a man with something like 40-50 starbucks mugs from a variety of cities, I am going to get the cad body back to go with the dad mentality and that extra twinkle in my eye that makes a partner say (oh my god you are a dangerous one, but at the same time feel safe to go down the rabbit hole and do all the naughty things people talk about).

So when you feel distraught, look for north stars that fit in your life, and empower the good ones and ghost the bad.

Just know you helped change me just by the power of your feminine spirit, and by trusting me with your responses and like which I treasure deeply. You have given me the gift I can never repay.

Just know you are deserving of a man or woman that loves you deeply. If you feel down, know if I was untethered you are exactly the type of soul I would search for on my walk in the woods in the middle of night looking for the streaks of moonlight. Hoping to find the nymphs of joy which I know you belong too ...

Be well, find focus, find clarity, and minimize social media and crap news since all it is there for is to fund advertisement dollars.

I still have that poem in my head waiting to be written, so if that tells you anything about the power of you I don't know what does .... Heck I even pounded out an extremely kinky erotic story that I never thought I could write based up on one of the awesome souls I fell upon when finding you (Ena Dahl) …. I have never written erotica before, but the power of you, her and others … have opened the last door behind my raw masculine soul.



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