I love them, but I do get exactly what you are saying.

Brash and rude has no place in a professional setting "ever". Gender need not apply.

So for now until the power balances are "balanced", one can look, feel, and listen to how this actually feels inside. This is what women have felt their entire lives.

But I don't want to be around a narcissit? Ok. Be professional and civil, and actively choose to do something else, or get exactly what they want done, and walk away.

You know how some women are cold to men? You have the right to do this, and you can also support women who are civil and professional too. Go out of your way to make that happen.

Equality means you will be a follower, so you will need to listen to those in authority whether actually or taken by force. If you feel you can do better, build a community of people to do that job and rise to the occassion.

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