I love this share.

So I have sported a goatee for >2 decades, the reason why?

I have a bigger head (my poor mother I know right), so to do a beard makes my head even larger, but I like having some hair on the face.

The thing is, I like shaving too, so to me it is a compromise. I take care of the goatee, and I shave. I am also busy, so it is a battle of compromises.

So my view is with a guy with facial hair, it speaks volumes of the guy. Does he maintain it? Does he take the time to shave and keep it up? Does he fix things when they go bad?

In a view for those folks that love men, is one can see how they will maintain their relationships. If they can't manage what is in front of their nose?

Will they maintain a relationship.

As for religion, as a man it is the same thing as shaving and maintaining a beard.

So is a person half-ass? or do they a full ass and a half?

You decide.

I am Roman Catholic haven't been to church in ages, but deeply believe in God. I also have been practicing meditation to find that extra balance.

Great Piece!

Meanwhile ... it reminds me I have to go use the straight edged razor on the strip to keep it extra sharp for my daily ritural of removing sand paper to baby butt smooth later :D

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