I posted a feel good post on Fakebook, about how I was proud that a lot of people were viewing (not a lot compared to some mind you :) ).

My father messaged me and asked where they could read my poetry.

I then had to wait until I could talk to them, and I was like ... If you see "Marlene in a Pub" that has "racy" content, and you may not want to read that.

I felt like I was 10.

So while I have the ultra-light version of what you felt, our net-net reactions were the same.

It sucks that life and love and relationships and sex has to suck for so many people that they clutch like no tomorrow and try to control it all.

I am not saying, people should live and love frivolously, but it also highlights for quite a few people especially women how scarce real love and real commitment is in our worlds.

For your mother, she may realize how lucky she was to have the relationship she did, and now seeing the real shit show it is for so many people and try to remember how it should be. Open or closed relationship wise.

Men are lost and if she hopes to rekindle what she had, I see a lot of discomfort in her life now, and that is very sad.