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4 min readJul 22, 2020


I saw this and said knowing the 8-second mentality of people now a days, I decided I would be To Disgusted to Watch.

The show is the ultimate in empty click bait candy, but you are correct it speaks volumes of the gender divide between CIS-het men and women in American Society.

Women have jumped and roared into power and equality and made strides leaping far ahead, but guys are just shrugging saying "why bother", and it is on display with this show.

I don't know what is more fake, the editors in ability to cast a wider range of man in a way that says either you are purposely trying to inflame, or else we have hit the end of the Universe where there are two Starbucks across from each other (ref Jack Black).

If this sample of biological males fits all American men, then I am wacko freak, but I won't judge since I am out of that scene.

Women will run more and more of the show over the next 10-15 years, I guarantee this. The problem then how does one motivate a gender that doesn't care for themselves, the society or the well being of the male gender?

What motivates women and their communication method is not the same as what motivates men. Women have built their own resource structure that is beautiful and amazing, but it requires openness, honesty, vulnerability, and the ability to communicate at a university level. Men are still stuck at the 5th grade because zero energy and effort has been put into turning boys into men.

So as for women, I wouldn't lower your standards or take great risks with quite a few men that fit that class as describe in this show.

But given men have a right to their time and place also (for better or worse), one can't foist a female desire and expectation onto a man. Personally, that is not how I live my life (I believe in equality and am a feminist, which I know is a redundancy of words).

So in an ironic perversity, women as they age and they have the teenage time bomb go off in the 30s-40s as it happens to men hard core in the 8-18 range, now will sadly get the taste of loneliness and abandonment that boys and men all know very well.

The thing is though women because of their community can ride the storm far better, but to be honest for quite a few lacking the mindful masculine male with the differences and energy and view is just as bad as a man desiring a woman he can never achieve.

Maybe that is the message being stated. Men realize and lose all confidence that they will never measure up and give up, where they miss the message that all women care for is respect, love, loyal desire (open relationships can also be consensually done), and the fact the man is willing to try.

Women may not realize the message that men no longer care for society as they feel rejected and alone. One aspect is women can bring life and death into this world. Men only know of death, imagine that world where one is detached from it all and only has societal markers sans feeling.

To show/share I do empathize and get what you are saying (and this disturbs me to this state in the gender wars). I have written a poem about the utter pain and slavery a woman feels in a dead relationship (Eden's Liberation) and also (The Ties that Bind) on my medium page.

As for me ... I live by the poem (Masculine Kindness).

So think about this funny "ha ha", picture a Texas Liberal Republican middle aged white man, who does high tech work, owns a horse farm, has a houseful of cats, and writes poetry and who supports his partner who runs her own business and does everything he can. Imagine me being on a show like that, and the awkward funny moments there would be.

My super power? I know how to flirt, I know how to be kind, I know how to show compassion, and I bet some of the "dumb" acting actresses would raise their bar just a bit, and maybe the Lord of The Flies grouping may evolve.

Thank you for taking the time to write a thought provoking article on what most women and feminists call the newest level of hell in Dante's Inferno.

I so feel for women honestly. To achieve all that you do, then to say ok. Lets work on the next milestone of relationships, family and maybe kids, and look out for a mate and see nothing but the land of misfit toys to choose from.



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