Alan Tegel
2 min readOct 26, 2020


I saw this article too and shook my head.

I read 2008 was the Man-cession, and now I wondered if 2020 was the Woman-cession.

The real reality is neither was the case. The crashes from 1990-1991, through the dot-com bubbles and post 9/11 crashes, 2008, and 2020 are all due to the fact that all Americans were sold on financial engineering over real product engineering.

I called this out when we couldn't make Medical Saline, because Puerto Rico was leveled by a hurricane.

I was told in one group I didn't get it, it was all Trump's fault. I was like sure but I would love to add "both" him and the DNC and the GOP and a bunch of other things.

We have people that want to download pirated music and movies, elevated Kardishan's into a billion dollar industry, and a populace that can't focus more then 8 seconds. at a go.

We as a society have been beyond short sighted, and how we have treated women and children and "life" has been "beyond poor".

Woman fight hard and win hard and their lives are way harder then mens. But men don't have an easy life either, they get distracted on the wrong things and make bad choices too.

There are biological females that are not women and the same applies for biological males.

My favorite observation is what I made to executives. Look at how productive I am. I am a remote worker. There was 2-3 years I was told I had to keep my mouth shut because the CEO was on a head hunt to get rid of every remote worker.

Brilliant man right! COVID hits and he states on a call he was wrong, but then forgets to remove the bullet item on how to drive down the remote worker numbers with goals for management (SMH).

Now that man is gone. He had to quit due to an investigation that found issues of personal misconduct.

Bad decision. I raised a question Female CEO?


I would love "real" adults to be at the table with balance and diversity and equality, but that seems to be too much for the reality generations in our country.



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