I see you
We hear you
Are the first words you hear
While sitting in your place.

You respond, I can’t see you?
Remove the mirror from your face.

But why, it gives me comfort and perspective
It shows me what I need and feel
Why should I drop it?

Please amazing Yael,
That device isn’t what it seems.

It is a maddening device meant to drain your infinite essence
Feasting on your soul, and it was made by the evil ones

For some it is the devil
Others it is device made by man
To steal people’s soul.

Please drop it you most amazing queen, for what it shows
It isn’t what it is to be or was or will be

I see a beautiful, strong, youthful soul.
I see a mother of all and not one
The child it shows is your lost innocence that was ripped away
Not by you but by others

It deceives your intelligence by planting seeds of despair.
It makes you feel weak so you depend on it’s strength
Which in reality is your strength it drips back to you
Keeping you thirsty and cold

Please Dear Yael, remove that patriarchal mirror from your face.
Drop it so you can see what I see.

You need neither the woods nor the sea
But if you desire them please go, but whatever you do
Please drop that infernal device that reflects and warps your beautiful soul

You are not lost, you are free to be whatever you wish.
The world is violent for it steals from the best of us
To feed the worst of us
But it starts with tricks, and mimics true and real love.

The choice is always yours
But trust me, don’t doubt yourself
You are independent, you are strong
You can lead, you can believe

Don’t trust devices from others that tell you otherwise
Use your feeling, heart, and soul and be free.
It is them that are lost, that cut the strings that bind
It is those that steal the child in us
No matter the reason or rhyme.

My time has passed
My ability to project and speak is done
Just please remember
Walk towards the light coming from the Sun.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.