I so agree with this. If men knew how much energy and time it took to battle the demons, share, and be vulnerable, then they know who the real champions in life are.

Stepping up and saying:

I am wrong you are right.

I am scared because you won't think I am man enough to be with you because of being weak.

I love your power and leadership, but I worry someone who is more alpha will try to take you away from me

Things like this and "meaning" it. Hard AF.

Then stepping back and realizing that the societal expectations foisted upon is bullshit.

No, I don't want to have sex with just because you are horny. What you said to me earlier hurt my feelings a lot, and you never apologized.

Easy? Fuck No.

Real confidence is not an easy thing, and once you get it, worrying about what people think and feel matter a little but not at where you think it will.

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