I so look forward to watching you grow and be liberated fully and seeing all the pain left in the dumpster of life miles away … torched and burning.

You summed it up. I am now seeing the fact that I need love and care to have a “hard on”, not as a curse anymore, but as a sign of being evolved as a man (i.e. moving to the next level).

The hard part I am still trying to process is I see in my partner and in other women too, that they have desires for that alpha stud athlete style of man that while I used to be able to do that … I find that it is a fake facade that men have to put up. I do understand more and more now that women want to be desired and taken with that raw male sexuality that burns in a way that there is nothing left but air, wick and fire.

The question is how to have that organically with being real. If the preference is there for the partner, then she can have it but she has to realize it is in the sake of foreplay and fantasy …

But for you … I so very much hope you are well “Fucked” daily in the way you choose. For I am in the stands while you are on the football field of intimacy life, cheering you on …. i.e. go Team Yael … beat the battle and win the game.

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