I switched parties last year after working hard on decoupling identity from political affiliation.

I have interacted with women like this whether sexual or personal communication.

My view is men that fit into this realm satisfy a princess/white knight fantasy in one way, and in another way the men are damaged.

By being damaged, it allows the female to easily control the man because an angry man or a delusion man allows a woman like this to feel superior.

Step back from what I have shared and realize this. Men do not have socialized groups like women do. As such, when boys are released to the wild, they are being fed to the beasts.

Now that we are enforcing a one-strike policy with words now, there will be far more ticking time bombs and for those interested in building relationships, the bar just became infinitely harder and higher.

As folks realize the true impact for failing and given their emotional maturity is limited, people will get frustrated and even more angry.

This leads to more damaged males being enticed.

Like I stated while in Indiana a KKK member tried to recruitment and used his daughter to attempt to seduce me. So sometimes it isn't even the woman's choice but their family controlling the strings and reinforcing this all.

This is been brewing for over 25 years in it's current form and been building in many places. People generally didn't care about fly-over country, but now I sense they do.

Remember, the shooter in Wisconsin came from Eastern Illinois. Why would he do it? To look cool for getting "some", and there are some women that find that look really attractive.

Women desire sex too and in these areas choice is really limited sometimes. So sadly when in rome ...

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