I too read through all of it, and guys need to understand it is about the setting, the safety, and the environment/aura the person is showing off.

If we take the supermarket example, if a person is waiting in line and eye contact can be made in a civil way, that can be ok. If a person is actively shopping, probably not.

Two guys coming up to a single woman? Um, how many red flags can one have? When can two guys go up to a woman? When there is more women than guys.

A Woman reading a paper at a bar? No. Eating at the bar while you are eating, you can ask once in a civil manner ...

Using Not All X, when it is talking about a woman's safety and issues? Not a good thing.

When a woman generalizes a gender on a topic and makes a pointed individualized comment to a commenter? Appropriate, but it is a conversation ender, not a starter, which is not the point of a conversation.

BTW: You don't need to be deprecating to yourself, your writing exhibits the depth of your character and self with your bright and open eyes and smile, which apparantly is consented too

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