I truly do suck at cooking. I can occasionally do a good job and I do try. The thing is if I attempt to do the cooking my wife has near zero empathy or sympathy. It is funny because I can multitask at work, but doing it while cooking ugh. Some people truly have limited competence no matter how hard they try, and one is realizing when that is the case and working with it.

I have lost count of how many times she has literally taken food and pitched it and made it for herself and said "you suck".

So in our house, I will do all the dishes, laundry and general clean up, that is my job and I own that.

The key thing comes down too intent IMO. I would be more then happy to do more cooking and work at it, but it means accepting the food that is prepared and not being a dick about it.

What I have found though if guys have a partner that has some sense of empathy, are that some stores have pre-made and ready to go main dishes with pretty easy preparation. Other things could be a stouffers lasagna and you prepare a salad and the basic garlic bread.

There are solutions and the key thing is getting over the mental hurdles.

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