Yael Wolfe, I want to thank you then for taking the time to respond, since my response/comments are obviously the needle in the haystack and to do so requires a focus, energy, love, care, and concern that takes a lot of emotional labor aspect.

My thought on this is this:

Being bored with sex as you see it is an amazing growth point. You realize sex is boring but connected intimacy is "deliciously divine"

The thing is how do you move from point A to point C when COVID acts like a blocker and when paired up with biological males toss-up roadblocks that b is a big fucking Bitch B blocking you on your way to enlightenment.

It sucks. So how does one lift themselves to get the awesome D or even better P/V that will make the Yael go yum, hum, and sing about playing around in a barrel full of rum?

I have no idea.

I do know, you will figure it out. You have a community of women that support you, and I hope there are more men than come around to respect you.

I respect you, but I and other men will always be an unknown quantity and will always have to "prove every damn day" that we mean well.

I am blessed to take up that yoke for you and any other woman I converse with. If I find women along the way and I see the goodness or better yet I see them adding value to your tribe or you can provide the experience and protection from your experience.

I point them your way to read, talk, learn, and grow.

It is my way of being an ally. I had a rush of passion and what I learned is I experienced a form of Sexual Transmutation last week. The experience was out of my mind. I let Ena Dahl know I get it and I shared it with people I truly trusted. My trust does not come easy, so this is not some boy throwing out love and shade.

I personally felt the love and care I am trying to show from my masculine spirit flame was rewarded in a way I never expected to or asked. I also enjoyed comments and stories that made me blush and make me feel like a strong man.

You deserve the same freedom, liberation, and reward for your boldness.

I know you can do this, and I am in the stands on the field watching women win battles. I am flying the flag now ...

Fuck The Female is the Future.

Let Females LEAD in the Present.

Go Team Women ... you are all the best, and my latest poem (with an intellectual easter egg) Inspired by Femininity is my view on what I learned about what I think about women.

Be well.

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