I was born in Cleveland, so I totally get you 100%. It is done because men’s sexuality is presumed disposable in our society (my belief).

Given the higher rates of Christianity, which is spawned off the Jewish faith, this is something that came from this.

There are some medical advantages to this, as the less pleasure the men feel the longer he will last in theory to pleasure his female partner. There is also the cleanliness function too.

Take this, and then take the selective service where you have no choice to join as a man lest you be a felon. Look at the schooling in our country where there are really no safe spaces for boys to be with positive men in a group.

One then wonders how people just don’t get that men for most of their formative years really are tossed aside at the most critical point.

Now we have been living in the greatest experiment ever, where boys get their first sexual experience and education from their smartphone, tablet, and computer and self-satisfy.

So take these threads from birth to 18, and if one traces it back, one might say it started with a snip. So one wonders in the back of a person’s mind if men don’t feel their body was respected, why should they feel entitled to respect others?

I am circumcised, but I am a firm believer in your body your right 100%.

Now, as society comes to the realization of the damage of men and women say buck up buttercup fix your shit. Men do, but stop and try to wear the shoes of a man or your son or your brother/cousin. Nobody autonomy, in America, you can be drafted immediately to go die with no choice at 18, and you are the enemy to yourself, to other men and to women.

This is why you can see the horrors of the Las Vegas shooter a man in theory who had everything that society stated was awesome do the same thing as the crazy school shooters in Texas. Does one wonder if they were circumcised?

There is zero excuses for anything or any man using this an excuse for any violence period. But on the flip side, if a man is peaceful and stays in his lane, and has this pounded into him, does one expect for him to give his heart, mind, desire, and soul to a society?

For me … I am all-in and I am here for women in their fight and good men too, but I will tell you the darkness is deep and dark, and it starts with the baby in the doctor’s office wondering what the sharp pain is down below.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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