I was having a heated political discussion last year about the Swedish girl who was all in on climate change. My concern for her was how someone with some medical concerns as a non-adult could be taken advantage of.

Two rabid (and I hate to use labels) SJW "allies", at the end of the discussion implied that I would abuse children. I took the discussion to a therapist and she agreed.

They knew I was and still went on, and after I unblocked them later, went out on a mission to say "we see you".

It was at that moment, I realized these two enlightened women and a gaggle of them were "Heathers" / aka mean girls.

Now I know they were toxic femininity personified, and then I started to see the pattern in communication over the past four years from people who learned to embrace forcing their toxic demons of anxiety on anyone that didn't agree with them.

The even better ones that stayed friends because it was fun to watch me spin as I worked out how to communicate effectively.

It hurt, but then I realized this was the pain that women deal with everyday. I sat and said I can forgive them, and just moved on. I also realized that karmic kickback would surprise them later one day, but I was not going to risk my well being, my soul, and my energy defending from biological females pretending to be women warriors for the minorities and other women.

They were sad human beings worthy of my pity. I provided my best to warn those that were so anti-cult to a cult leader of personality that as someone that fought the demons, that they looked exactly like I did.

The funny thing is their ego like the biblical adage of a rich person trying to get to heaven through the eye of the needle was superbly large.

So, I made it my mission to step away from all the toxic "shit", and empower and fight for individuals tht I care for. To empower my passions into poetry and other things. To read and grow and learn.

But most importantly (and as a counter to the toxic biological males and females) allow true and powerful human being of love and respect access to my passions and me.

The others, I meditate my angst away and realize they are stuck in a tarpit of sadness, and since they are so smart and so knowing ... they can learn to find the rope to pull themselves out, because I won't unless they ask via forgiveness.

I defeated my dark passenger empowered by the dark abyss. I won't let some sad soul empower it with their trauma. If I do, it is because I unconditionally love the person and I want to save them with love.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.