I was in a highly moderated group, where I found out this past week that a few people really missed my assortment of posts I used to do.

The highest I ever got ranking wise was #5. It was based on likes, views, comments based upon the moderators, who actually moderated very hard on the platform. I very much respected them for what they did.

The thing is .... #5 which was a pretty massive accomplishment IMO given the thousands of users on there, but in the end those that won out and for me dealing with people were the fight club people.

Toss a fire bomb win a prize is what I thought.

I learned a lot about communication and fixed a few issues, but your observations are spot on to what I have seen in a variety of groups.

I have also been in groups, because I am a consensus builder and tried to build trust .... deep echo chambers where the left oriented and right oriented groups looked and smelled the same, with the only difference being the points of position.

Gaslighting and blocking where the rules of the day and game.

My fix? Disable and remove the social media stuff for 30 days. Step away from the groups and stick to safe-ish topics. I still raise important topics and in fact I quoted your stuff and gave reference for your articles quite a few times to give you props.

As for me ... I am game for politics, sex or anything else in between, just now I choose my friends wisely.

The minute a person starts to shoot the messenger or my favorite of sealioning ... I deal with it with kindness, but slowly step away since the person's toxic attitude isn't for me.

Great article Joe.

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