I was on a mileage run and met up with a friend who we travelled and shared a room together. I am straight, he was gay. I told him I wasn’t interested and I would prefer we keep our friendship platonic.

Well, on a last leg I was talking to a stunning, and I mean stunning persian woman. We got into talking about coffee and all that and she sent off all the right signals. I also shared in the conversation I was committed, I don’t cheat (even though I had to admit she was beyond hot as hell).

She stated come on and I said grrr thanks but no thanks, I have a friend we are crashing together and he had a rough week on top of it so thanks but no thanks (tear in my inner boy but scream of joy as a loyal man).

Well, can we say I was horny as fuck (it had been a week plus, there was no way I was going to see her for another week) and on top of it due to customer meetings and work … I drank to much and passed out … so getting off didn’t happen.

5am I woke up to a hard on and my friend well he was going to town. He kept telling me so you know you were moving around in bed moaning with your large hard on and I couldn’t stop myself.

So I showed him how I masturbated and he was up and had to go again. Due to trauma, I have never orgasmed from oral and at that time handjobs (nope), so I had to use prone masturbation which involved taking a pillow and “fucking” a pillow (inner female warrior goddess right :) ) …. He was like holy fuck I have been with a lot of guys but I never have seen that “ever” that was hot as fuck …

So picture a thick shouldered and assed guy tearing up a pillow … and you have a thought about that …

Moral of the story, we are all beautiful creatures. Was it edgy and could it be considered cheating … I dunno, but considering what I could have had I would say not ….

IT is good to see women have the same fantasies as men ….

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