I went in for a hair cut, and when the stylist wanted to talk which makes me happy to converse, it started like that. Why? I was the only "guy" with a mask.

She started asking questions in a positive way and was wanting a connection and the more she spoke, the more I went ugh, but then I realized it was my responsibility to talk and educate (white male liberal republican).

I left far more tired then I got there, and the wonderment of having someone touching my head lovingly while they cut went right out the door.

I wasn't looking for a friend, but then left with one realization. The cost of Emotional Labor, and what women have done for men (including me for decades).

So I smiled because the people I left were happier and more intelligent, even with the cost of my patience and energy ...

I fight for and believe in women

I fight to be a stronger feminist

I fight for those that are marginalized (and yes that shit came up in the hair cut vis a vie immigrants).

I fight for love and peace and real people

How do I recharge?

I read and embrace liberal and liberated women. I support strong and independent conservative women that are compassionate and don't live in bias.

I look for like minded men to support and fight side-by-side with.

I treat the words of sexually liberated, mentally liberated, and strong alpha feminine human beings to help washing over the stone of my very strong masculinity. Helping rub the hard and sharp edges that were broken from patriarchal and toxic culture forces upon me without my consent and definitely without respect for me.

Your words e.g. fit that mold of a cool stream on a hot day in the shade as it rushes over me and then leaves me to dry in the beams of sun ...

So yes if I am a rock, someone says neat and pretty and wonderful rock, or I can be used as a corner stone in a house made of love ...

Be well.


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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