I wish people would learn it is ok to have one-night stands, but do understand that it is effectively mutual masturbation or "transactional" sex.

There is no depth, care or concern except the all-mighty "O".

Don't get me wrong it is friggin fantastic, but the hint I will give to a guy is this.

When you are able to make a woman feel safe and secure and make her lose it 110%. It is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Secondly, since our society and most women don't know what real "men" and masculinity is any more. Learn as a biological male, if you own and hone your skills, women will desire it harder and longer and faster and at the same rate as a teenage boy on his first "hey wow that was awesome 'explosion'".

So it also works in reverse too (albeit don't play games), if she is told "no" and "no you don't get to see dick pics" until we know each other, you can bet the interest factor will be there.

Just remember to be honest, be clear, be concise, and be direct.

Connected sex is 1000x better transactional sex. Open-minded, compatible shame free sex with committment, is 1000x better then connected sex.

Also remember sex is a method to connect in a relationship and is not "the whole thing" either.

So if you hate FFDS, then know the best you will ever get is a shade above masturbating to a screen ...

The issue though in the long run is one of biology. Women will start to realize due to the harsh nature of our society and what is done to men. Men fall apart and fall away sexually and health wise faster and in more numbers. So as biology flips the script, a harsh reality happens where women are like where is the "D" at I need some, and all that is left is immature boys trying to be men.

Hopefully, society realizes how nasty it is for guys (not down playing the safety and concerns of women either).

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