I wish society understood that women need twice the stimulation from a physical intimacy and “good/consensual” handling that a guy does. It comes down to how the brains function. I also wish that society did not have such a hard core stigma around stating penetration was only vaginal and understanding with guys there is a “g-spot” equivalent with men that has been shared to me personally from my platonic gay friends exceeds the traditional male views.

So I wonder how society would be if CIS based partners before the traditional act mutually master-bated together a dozen or so times and talked, and played with consensual swapping of roles (once safety and precautions were done) in some ratio balance.

Life would be a bit better and balanced, and as I have experienced … Once a woman in a CIS relationship is warmed up and safe and happy and secure and “whole”, they will over whelm the man big time. For those women that prefer to be taken, that is ok you can be, just remember in nature there is always a little “fight” between the genders in any passionate encounter …

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