I wish the entertainment industry would show amazing women assertively seeking and showing the men that were civil, kind, respectful, and allies of women as the studs of society. I.e. instead of the super jocks, the elite singers and the famous.

I have observed anytime one of those guys show up, they are shown to either suck in bed, they are to nice or boring, listless and not worthy etc …

Women deserve the desire and sexual preferences they want and consent too, but we also need to start to think about where confidence and assertive behavior becomes overly toxic and aggressive.

Men have a lot of work to do obviously, but given their grade school mental capabilities in a school of graduate and phd women …. Baby steps with a stick is needed…..

Great article and I agree with you …

Queer Eye current season in Philadelphia had a nice redo of a kind sensitive man who loved hair daughter but was so hamstrung due to conflict avoidance. Seeing more guys like him get lifted up in modern media and becoming awesome partners with super women would probably pay huge dividends.

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