I wonder if in our society they created a new "tax" number that was public, and it showed how much in taxes a person paid, and tracked it.

I wonder how much sunshine fun would come from this.

Now there is part of me that has to take a deep breath and count to ten, thinking of people I patiently dealt with in the past. Because part of me would want to go and say you want X in our society, hmmm lets see if your words meet your action in being an accountable citizen.

As for wealth creation and merit based earning of $$$, it should be like intimacy and sex. Consented and free.

I do agree with you things are so horribly broken because our regulators failed to regulate and people have turned a blind eye to the gross economic imbalances. Free Trade is good (when GOP is in power), how dare you doubt it! Then when the script flips, oh my god how do we fight this inflation and why can't we make stuff, etc etc.

Meanwhile some of the DNC folks try to overturn the only wealth based hit from TCJA (SALT limits) which only benefit the rich. Mmmmm gee.

My view is taxation should be like voting equal and the same regardless of socioeconomic and identity, and it should hit the same across the board.

If you are a CxO, and you financially engineer your $$$ to capital gains and loans which drives your effective tax rate to $0, then the fix is simple.

No deductions and a Flat tax, and a VAT on purchases because tell me about a person of means that won't splurge on something exotic. And Oh ... financial transactions get taxed "just" like income.

But you know ... that makes me a radical ....

I agree with you ... it is financial hunger games, and now with mother nature saying ... hmmm lets see who is smart in 2021, it is going to get wickedly worse especially in the base staples of food and energy, which oddly enough are "thrown" out by the government because then OMG .... what would they have to say about inflation....

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