I wonder if one of the things that confuses some guys is the reality with this relationship role, is that the sex worker is always wearing the pants.

One this person will have far more experience. Two this person has a body and soul that they have to manage and it is a precious resource.

Three the person will need to figure out how to create the required safe space for their partner (or not).

Lastly, being in sex work there is a medical component that always comes first "always".

Sex is part of an intimacy, and intimacy requires more than just sex. Fully fulfilled intimacy is required and is the end output of the relationship.

To me (my view) hustling for a relationship is building a house of cards on a beach at low tide. Hustling for a job is different, it is purely transactional.

The big question is this: "Do guys actually take the time to know about this interplay and are they comfortable sans sex and committed engagement to set their boundaries and communication.

E.g. Sex worker who strips and may engage in sexual engagement. What do they provide to help their partner have to go through the process of getting checked health wise now that they are committed as one.

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