I wonder if some women fear biological males will retract what slivers of real manly and masculinity from the dry areas of our society by being challenged.

If we do X, there will be less of XY ...

As the change has been happening for over 140 years effectively in modern society in the Americas, men are reacting by withdrawing.

So a self-serving prophecy happens, and now the fight gets even harder.

I have no doubt women that have innate desires and wants and needs for masculinity are all in, the problem is men are lost.

Folks will talk (no issue with that mind you) about how men need to do X and Y and Z. They really do, but stop and think about this.

Everyone cheers a boy announcement, but after the birth and a few weeks after, it has been documented that the touches a boy receives is less.

Fast forward over the adulting experience, men do not know what it feels like to be truly desired. The only ones that are broadcasted are the super athletes and the super rich. Nothing more.

As equality happens, due to near zero training, men now equate women with men. Women know fear and fear for their safety. What they don't grasp or know. In company of all men, it is far worse then they can even imagine.

There are strains of chivalry and patriarchal training still there to say protect women.

I can't tell you how many times in a gym or in a sport, the fights I have had to had. Picture a guy coming in and smacking another guys head into a locker and then a drag down fight happening.

So with the aura of all that ... women look around especially as they get older and say gee where is that supply? Then say fuck, and then take their anger and loss out on one another ...

It is brutal beyond words.

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