I wonder if the issue comes down to one of experience and time? Porn as it is commonly known has been "perfecting" it's practice for 50 plus years, while this genre is just getting started.

I am more kink friendly, so my view of porn is not misogynistic as what you presumed and described, but I am different (i.e. different strokes for different folks).

Porn will always be edgy dancing around the taboo, so one wonders if in a non-kink oriented way more "consent" viewed play was shown to be the norm.

E.g. take a view of liberated women from the hotwife / polygenres, but strip that edge and mix it up with enthusiastic consent.

Sadly, given the drift in our society (western/american POV), this will keep "pounding hard onward", as guys will continue to consume this to meet their fantasy needs, and women will find what they like along the way (or make more interesting genres).

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