I wonder what methods could be used to instigate a 1+1=3 mentality where folks (including myself) could help reduce the guilt fear with accountability to ensure the system racism angle is minimized and the blessings of diversity and fairness occur.

A common example I have seen behind close doors and what I have observed is that urban and BIPOC from an economic perspective is equiavalent to rural and white (obviously minus the systemic racism aspect).

Food deserts, lack of jobs and opportunities, the New Jack City of crack meets the Meth of rural (etc etc).

One thought I have is coming around to the idea of a non-toxic version of nationalism and the flag where we understand that to be American is great because of it's diversity and the ability to tackle this issue.

It is not a BIPOCs job to coddle a non-BIPOC. They have enough work on their plate, but how to raise the bar on equality for the races and sexes and all genders.

I simply don't have the answer, but I do know if people respectfully and consensually do it together we will.

Great Article.

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