I won’t cover the aspect of the disease since Richard Crim covered it well below. My simple metric if the world is 0.86% mortality rate, due to obesity we have to increase the death rate by >2x and the age of our population of 60 year olds is >2x … so 2–5% is a range that will fit. For those young kids that vape congratulations you are 60 …

52% of Americans don’t care, they won’t travel over seas nor will they go outside of their zone except for rare vacations (remember Americans have no guaranteed PTO).

More people don’t care than care as such this allows cult of personalities to win an election (22% is all one needs given the apathetic heavy weight).

Folks have lost their care and spirit for America, and in fact I bet if you asked most folks if you could get away scot free from paying taxes … you can bet they would stop paying. They don’t care about the flag nor the government except slivers of each cult (yes both sides are cults)

Mother nature crafted the perfect disease for culling the expansion of America and it’s views.

To answer your question …. at the end.

They don’t care because they have lost faith in the federal leadership, see it as corrupt and inept, and have turned tribal.

Why should they care … there is no politician that has been truthful in the seats of power on K Street since forever … so they will return the favor one breath at a time ….

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