I work as a performance architect on the internet. To quote an executive, damn it we need Tegel to work on this stuff for our PAC work (performance availability and capacity) but he is the bottleneck.

I chuckle how ironic.

How I look at it is I am highly technical, if a person can interact with me and help eleviate the low value work (compared to the product being produced), they are extremely high value.

The simple tasks that I would do, free me up to do bigger and better. I can tell you where most companies go wrong are in having layers of management that are highly paid, but add limited value. This is where things go poorly.

Now, some of the jobs where women are the majority do need to have an evolution. If men won't do it for wage or stigma it is up to all of us to rebalance the gender in those jobs.

It could be a plus-plus where the water raised would benefit all, and to be honest to have those levels of single sex jobs is not a healthy sign.

I do apperciate the stigma for gender is very very high, and when combined with company cost cutting ... it becomes a herculean event.

So short story, people especially women that help me get my job done faster and better are peers and even better then I ...

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