I would always ask a guy that is hurting from a loss of not being appreciated or loved … are you masturbating? If you are, you are having sex.

I would then in the most positive way remind them that enthusiastic and consensual sex where both partners “explode” in happiness is the final milestone in the initial mating process between two partners. It isn’t the end, but it is the start of something more …

There are people that meet up in a bar, get it on, and get off together, but that doesn’t mean it truly is “sex” Sex, but it could be a mutual masturbation event.

If that last statement confuses the reader, that is ok! That means you might not have had truly passionate and compassionate love making or Sex. It is pretty impressive when it does happen, and it takes throwing all walls down in your mind, and truly sharing yourself.

So the OP of this article is correct, if one side is giving and the other isn’t, then if the partner is a woman they are going to get hurt, and BTW this also happens in reverse now a days where the offended and hurt partner is a male who is truly open and honest, while the female is jaded and hurt from past coupling.

The point is in heterosexual partnering due to the age of texting, Instant Messaging, and a 2D world …. the fine art of communication is lost. Guess what …. one needs to be a 3D woman and man and not a 2D girl or boy with toys …

So if a person is an introvert (think Briggs), and do not have the confidence to converse with people that one desires … one needs to step up and out and learn how to talk, listen and grow to be able to get the Sex one desires …

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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