I would not mind doing this, but in my personal life (cough hell), since my partner find a lot of things that interest me "disgusting" .... it doesn't happen.

Would I mind this? Would love it. An Orgasm a day keeps the anxiety at bay. Personally if there were toys involved it sounds like epic fun.

Now, since men and women are wired differently. Teasing and edging and denial oriented activities are amazing things to do.

Since on average women have less strength then men I always recommend some kind of restraint to give the woman an edge (even if you aren't into bondage).

One scenario that personally is hot as hell which can be played on as a couple is to see how long you can keep each other on edge with a timer. As a woman picture manipulating or using toys or whatever to see your man "cry" not from his eyes on his head but from a single eye you know where. Picture taking your tongue and lightly licking that up and blowing.

But this act can also be done in a mutual masturbation setting too .... so think of the fun that can be had on a weekend. If you partner is not there ... video up and set it up so you can watch each other attempt this ....

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