I wouldn't call it elevate what you talking about to misogyny, but I can appreciate the social conditioning between heterosexual engagement.

I sense from your letter, you haven't been clear with your needs for soft traditional power / desire showing or have set the boundaries clearly with him. If this is your first attempt "bravo" for starting the conversation.

It seems there are walls in your relationship, and if you both believe in equality, then it is as much as your responsibility to engage in desire exchange. Given the pushback (as it should) to ensure women feel safe and secure in public and personal space, one needs to give guys as much space as they need to feel comfortable with opening up their desires in return.

He doesn't get a free pass on your body, mind, or soul, and in return you don't get a free pass to his desire and sexuality either. Both are earned every day and communication is required.

Enthusiastic Consent which is what you are desiring, takes a lot of effort in building both ways. If you feel he is being too reserved, then understand the roles have flipped. Picture the relationships columns in the past traditional societies where the husband states, my wife is to frigid how do I warm her up (very sexist btw).

Good luck and I hope success in all of your professional and personal engagements.

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