I wouldn't put yourself down, you aren't too much like you said he wasn't enough. It is a bummer he didn't have the ability to say that out loud and show his vulnerability or say ... hey I am unemployed right now and can't afford it I am sorry.

If he was employed (what I believe what the message implied) ... well hells bells .... yeah thank you no bye bye.

You either desire to see me or you don't. Enough talk, lets meet up. The problem though now as this article has aged ... meeting up isn't going to happen now.

So you dodged a bullet in all honesty ...

At some point as we age, the games and bullshit becomes pointless. Do you want to spend time with me or no. What can we do together or not. What do you bring to the table to help me. I have a crass saying that goes .... if you are not feeding me, financing me, or fucking me .... you have zero right to any of my time. The feeding is food, soul, intellectual, relationship ....

I call it the 3 F's ... for put together women ... you have have the first two down and now when you have the cycles you are like ... lets do the fun third F.

The problem is a lot of men are willing to do the last with neglecting the first two .... and women are like WTF ... that is not how this works.

So I agree with you 110% ... and I hope for better fish coming from the sea in your future. If not ... well better to be alone then with someone not appreciative of you.

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