If a guy had to choose between girth and length, the smart man chooses the first.

Why not the second? Because I have been with some smaller "women" and bumping the cervix while hot and great for erotica is not sexy in real life.

Now the funny thing is, if you can be measured and good and get close and tickle right at the edge, the orgasm will from what I have seen ... just shake a man to his core.

The first time this happened with me, I thought I did something wrong because she broke down and cried hard right after she came. She was a limp noodle and I was like fuck me what did I do.

She fell asleep right after while I held her thinking shit this was nice ... probably "not" going to be a repeat customer ever ... so smell and enjoy.

I woke up to breakfast being made and a glow that was like wow.

I don't know what that feels like but that glow was the most beautiful thing on the planet. The irony I was close to cumming myself and when she started crying I couldn't.

So I was horny AF, but worried then as a man I was like "I am confused".

I so wish I could experience what you ladies feel, and conversely the same applies back at you.

Later in life, with a trans-woman, who was going through the process, she stated to me "silly" men can feel it too .... p-spot orgasms are far better then the ones I had when I had sex with women as a male not out.

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