If American society was less puritanical and people were forced (consensually) to see each other naked on a regular basis, the taboo and rush of the naked would be reduced generation by generation.

If one is naked and stares at another person naked, well one can feel equality in action.

For women that are truly voyeuristic, there is nothing wrong with it at all. The problem is not all women fit that mold, and quite a few only desire this by the partner they care and love for. The problem is heterosexual guys presume wrongly.

My observation (male POV purely belief based) is that heterosexual women are thirsty for real authentic male attention and desire from quality men. Men have bottom barreled it so long, that at some point the masculine water is so toxic it isn't even worth getting near, that they stay the hell away (don't blame them).

This leads to situations where men get thirsty for physical intimacy that they are lacking, and the sad circle of negative life begins.

Then a truly negative feedback loop begins in an equality based world, where women fantasies (totally allowed btw) start to ramp up their dream guy, for which a lot of men even if they work on themselves will never achieve. "and" poof. More negative feedback.

The reality is though, most of woman's fantasies are not exotic, bad, or wrong. When one fears for life, one learns what can and get be fantasized.

The issue as you wisely call out isn't about naked ness. It is about guys falsely assuming what another person (woman) wants and needs and desires. The other issue then is if someone finds another person attractive, use that raw energy to build real self confidence to engage and talk to the person to know them. Not to talk about their outer packaging, unless that person specifically asks.

Now that being said if you are naked on a beach and you see another person with a weird rash that they are unaware of ... that is ok to call it out :)

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