If anger leads you to the path of full fulfillment, there should be no one stopping you. If you feel angry because someone slighted you in any way … be super angry.

If you are angry at yourself … be angry … but … do take care because you don’t want to damage yourself too much.

Take the raw energy of anger and do something that is uncomfortable. If you are mad, take that energy and go push yourself athletically. Hate cleaning your house … do the cleaning.

As for others ….

I believe they shun those that have been passive or quiet (like yourself) because they believe that they have been sinned against by you not being truthful to them. They feel like their time has been cheated and you are being fake.

My response to them is (and even to me if I cross those lines) is this isn’t about you. It is about the fact that you crossed an internal boundary in me that I allowed. You violated my space …. if I don’t respond back and if I am angry the right answer is …

What is wrong? Did I do something? How Can I help?

If it is to attack “you” it speaks to selfishness and hate in them … not you.

That is my observation and attempted view at processing what your words are saying.

I could be 180 degrees off and 100% wrong … and for that I am sorry, but know your anger is warranted and justified.

So if I was in your sphere and the anger was great I would say hit me in the shoulder, I can take it as I am built thick and strong with thick skin. Release your pain … so it can be replaced by joy … later …. after you cry and feel whole again ….

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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