If I am out on the market again, before sex is had contraception and other aspects need to be talked to first before diving in. That is the whole thing about consent and communication. If you can’t talk about the consequences, then you should be going home and going solo.

As for the sensitivity aspect, sure. If a man is not able to orgasm that is ok, but if a woman shames a man for not coming or refusing to help (presuming she comes first) that speaks volumes of how she is not a good person. One would have to even say she maybe anti feminist or exhibiting toxic femininity.

If orgasming inside is what she needs, then it provides a benefit long term for the couple as they enter into monogamy and exclusivity.

I sense though if a man is willing to place her first, I am sure she will realize how special a guy he is and will work extra hard over the long term to make sure his satisfaction levels rise to hers …

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