If I communicate poorly, assume via bias something that offends you, make you feel uncomfortable ….

Get angry, respond with radical candor, and call out. I do something wrong do it.

This also applies to any other women that are here and silent and any that I have communicated to now, in the past, or in the future.

Never compartmentalize since that is what nearly every man does too (man box/stoicism).

Every relationship that was worth anything with a woman always was one where the woman was independent, spoke her mind, and called me out.

What I learned recently aptly after an argument was she stated one of the things that she loved about me was I calmed her, and soothed her “angry”. I never realized that was a core masculine trait I had.

So only be nice to partners that are deserving and consistently prove they are worthy of it. No person should ever be nice 100% of the time to another. If the partner gives you 60% nice …. Give them no more then 60% and only give more once the move the bar up.

The man child you talk to … really a boy impersonating a man seems to only have the emotional EQ of a teenage boy. This is what I see as a man when I see a 50s etc man with an 18–22 year old. Sorry of that makes me a horrible person, but from my view I don’t want to be around low quality people who intellectually and emotionally stunted. Neither should you or any woman /person. So yeah be fucking angry and through three fucks to the wind …

My response back to him on your apartment is ….

So you value things that you can’t remember if you had but you want me to respect your needs when you shit on my trust for youth and nativity. Key, now, leave and don’t let the door hit you on the way out as this house has no fucks left to give

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