If I could wave a wand over our current system of dating and mating, it would be one where girls and women were empowered to feel safe and go after men that they desire and make men “feel” desired.

It might mean in classes and school, making sure that women took the gym and self defense courses first and spent a little bit of time, while boys and men took the housekeeping and basics first. Then we would never have single sex sports and teams …. treat everyone equally and fairly and I understand and know there are physical difference but this is where you codify teamwork.

Changing some of the mindsets where women could dream of conquering the battlefields as queens and men defended the home until the death could be put in place right along side the traditional view.

The key thing is to mix it up and let people see that women can also be the mechanics and engineers and men could also be the home makers and the only failures would be the ones not being true to themselves or shaming one another.

But on the plus side here and now with the 2020 hot mess, we are finally and fully uncovering the full hot mess of gender and what not.

I believe if boys and men saw what they deemed attractive and amazing women prefer those that were socially acceptable to women instead of the alpha bad boy studs, I bet there would be more and more of this supply for women. The issue is boys and men that are softer in these areas get rapidly culled by the other men in the mix, which harms everyone ….

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