If I were single now, I would be so lost. For me to even have sex I have to have a connection with the person (demisexual) … so my greatest fear would be women (she/her) getting bored because I would want to take the time to date and talk and to get to know the person.

I have caught up with women friends in the past that were interested and were breaking out of their relationships probing “for more” even though they had another, and I started to get the feeling that so many more women were dropping into the pure transactional view that men have had for so long …

I felt … well this will suck. But then I file that away as I am in a relationship now and it makes me think … ok … how can I be a better guy and work on my faults so if it ends …. I will be better.

These three things (along with dick picks which I seriously don’t get) totally get you …. women aren’t a piece of meat (and also) they aren’t meant to be put on a pedestal either …

Nice Article

BTW …. whomever I am with better be ready, because I am very open minded and very curious … :)

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