If men are interested in equality (orgasms), then they should be required in return to be penetrated in equal amounts.

Why? Because it would teach them orgasms with penetration are never guaranteed. It would teach what it means to be taken and out of control.

I learned about this through having issues with being raped. I had a mental block so I always made sure my partner was taken care of first and it was a wonderful experience.

You are absolutely correct especially with male physiology that I’d they are one and done they should a majority of the time orgasm last. Now, if the woman is tired, sore or ready for sleep she should to the best of her ability make sure to make the guy if he needs to get off … not shame him and let him get off. Or conversely, make sure the next round a quickie is done.

Personally, I would have no issue with this being female centric driven.

My reason which a lot of women have had was my confidence and sexuality were damaged by a female babysitter when I was a child (preventing me from ever orgasming from oral) to being raped while passed out. I need time and connection and intimacy to go there with my partner. So my experience fwiw has given me a glimpse into a woman’s world and I can tell you it sucks ….

Men would learn if they were open and honest how awesome blending raw male sexual energy with the infinite span of pleasure a woman can have when she feels safe, secure, empassioned, and desired.

One if by hand, one of by mouth, one of by toys, and a finale of penetration if she isn’t sore enough …. Smiles for everyone ….

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