If people knew of nature, they would learn to respect one another because mother nature is wickedly cruel, harshly focused on replicating the best, and destruction of the worst.

People think food comes from a machine that pops out boxes of desires in a Kroger, Walmart, Target, or the grocery store desired.

The processing levels will never be understood when the attention span is that of a "skitty" kittie around loud noises, and the loudness of a dog that yaps to loud fireworks and unknown intruders.

To give an angle not realized by many, the seeds of destruction for food prices come from the ethanol mandates.

While people bemoaned Katrina's devastation, the government choose to use our food supply to feed cars, not humans. On the farm, we consume tons of hay every week, grain by the ton every month, so we have watched the observation through the pain of our wallets and pocketbooks.

Most people do not understand the volume of resources it takes to make food and agriculture products. Care to know that two human beings, nine cats, a dog, and two dozen horses consume 15,000 gallons of water for some months?


hank you for the proper advice from nature's abode. You are wise and wonderful but remember this ...

The white folks called out are minor devils to what the Chinese do to their ecosystem. They promise greatness in accords with no meaning (Paris Accords) and are caught dumping massive ozone depletion chemicals. Take every piece of coal from America, burn diesel to ship it there, and burn it without filters.

Love those electronic devices? Did you know they inject acid into the ground to extract heavy metals and substances required to manufacture the goods with slave labor that America cannot compete?

So we need to be smart about how we adjust and rebuild because the world does not like us. Envy and jealousy and hate abound out there and, without a doubt, are mocking us behind our doors. Change our president will only allow them to hide their disdain easily.

In older times, when a country like America existed, great wars followed to displace it. Then in an ironic perversity because of how obese off of bad foods and lethargy, girls will need to be drafted like boys** to fight and defend the land.

** Did you know only men are required to sign up for the selective service to die or else face a felony threat in the USA? Some states skip consent by making it automatic upon getting a driver's license. Men know this and it may play a factor on why they don't care anymore about society, which leads to the pain you see in life.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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