If society desires a different style of masculinity as the norm, then it needs to empower the positive and reign in the negatives.

What does society do now for boys and men?

Nothing. Take the fact that there is a celebration that it is a boy and studies have shown once the celebration is done, the boy gets less touches and attention. In fact, one of the major "physical" attention they get is getting their fore skin genital area "cut".

What does society and in heterosexual circles applaud? Rich sports figures, beautiful actors, and rich and powerful men.

They are the ones that get the traditional standard beautiful people and are rewarded greatly.

Step back and ask, what path would a boy try to mimic. The quiet and works with his female partner as a team in a safe and secure method, or the brash bling/bling type of guy?

Then as boys age through teenage-dom, many years after they get the horomone bomb dropped on them, compared on average to women that have it explode later in life [do note some women follow the same path as boys, and some boys don't show up until 18-21 statistically].

Picture your horniest moment and now put it in the mind of a child that is 8-10 years old. Playing with fire trucks, bumps up against his pelvis feels great pleasure and away we go.

Where is society and most parents?

Now (thankfully go team women with #metoo), boys and men have been made more aware through loud and brash statements (male style), which engages a fight or flight method. For those that are good intentioned and heart, they feel shame. Shame for themselves and gender, and what does shame truly actually solve? So they do what the need to do to satisfy their needs, and where do they go? Internet baby!

We all know how realistic porn and heterosexual engagement really is (not).

So we feed this cycle every day and night for decades, and have conditioned Generation Z, Y, and X men the same way and just now are trying to deal with it.

There are outliers that pop out, but the rarity are those guys that actually take the time to engage in studying gender and maybe becoming a feminist.

The reality is though, the mantra is easy (equality for all), but what we get is "mansplation" and toxic masculinity, terms meant for psychological work and high level discussion in the common media. Folks get lost, confused, and the simple mantra of "equality for all" drops like a rock in a pond.

It is horrible on many layers.

So my advice to you as a Generation X guy who has watched this show for a long time.

Set boundaries and expectations, and don't waiver on them. Get educated and be self supporting, and get self defense training (women can kick some serious ass if trained). Then empower and look for boys and men that aren't "low value" and when you and your friends find guys that are mid-to-high value. Support them and make the other men see what solid authentic men get and they don't.

Be well and good look on your journey, and BTW I am a male feminist.


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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