If staring helps a person claim confidence and self worth and rebellion, stare away.

As a mam, I have stared plenty at women, but women have zero idea of the biological responses at play. Why, because nature had to amp up desire in men to this level to ensure the species reproduced. Is this a justification for bad actors and actions? No.

So if a man is stationary and so is the woman, this is can be creepy but not malicious. If a man is approaching a woman or if a woman has not choice to be put at risk and is moving towards a man … yes it can be bad.

Guys will analyze a person to detect first if the person is going to kill them, then if it is someone they find attractive will analyze their attractiveness at a reproduction level. Once that switch happens, the man’s ability to process shuts down. Thank hormones for that and thousands of years or biological selection.

Once safe and satiated guys don’t do this.

Sadly ask a woman in a LTR or once she passes observable reproduction age, then they find out what invisibility is which is what all men know intimatly well. As for the shock factor of the stare, it isn’t what you think.

Quite a few men have a confidence and self worth far lower then society and women realize.

Should women be objectified? Hell no. Should guys work harder at giving women the safety and space they desire. Hell yes.

Is there more to the story of staring? You betcha, and the reality is women have half the story and men have been shamed to the point the only answer is to say nothing and walk away.

The question is how do we respectfully bridge the gap between the genders ….

Meanwhile … stare away as all things are equal now.

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