If the label is damaged beyond all repair. Mindfully masculine men might apply. You know where those that see clingy but in reality it is wickedly deep desire to please, love and service a woman.

One who engages in being a full man and not some token of a man masquerading as a boy.

The key take away, and something I work on every day.


A woman should be able to see me, my writing, myself as a person. She should see the full power of my masculinity and feel the desire welling up in her to want to quench her thirst. I as a man will also see and have that same feeling in return.

The difference though is the labeled Nice Boy (and my mindfully masculine man) will have the ability to control the hot fire and flame of his manhood with full respect. He will stop it hard and make sure that the woman feel safe and secure. He will also make sure she is fully liberated to let her demons of sexuality and lust loose knowing that the man will conquer them both.

Then they will lay as a puddled mess without being able to say a single word. Most men with atomic explosions of lust can not speak. Most women have seen this IRL.

Then when he is in that state .... you can whisper in his ear .... oh my you are a nice boy ....

then you will see him smile because neither of you are desperate and needy boys and girls anymore, but real men and woman in life.

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