If the law had an expiration date, or transformed into a gender neutral version, that might be acceptable. My view is the law should move towards a gender and sexuality fluidity.

As for the difference of Misogyny versus Misandry all comes down to the perspective of who is in charge.

Humanity has proven time and time again to be extremely vengeful. It has been documented that folks that have been abused, have a high propensity to become the abuser when power is given.

You are correct on average views of misandry via intent is not the same. The intent is not there and anyone who has been a victim of trauma and abuse (fyi ... I am a guy that has had both) generally are very careful and cognizant of these situations and will usually inflect self harm before harming others.

Men do not have the ability to call out victim status given they don't understand the safety factor women live in with testing men and not having the trust.

What women though do not know is that women on average have a community they can rely on to retreat too. Men don't. They are 100% alone on an island where women and men can be the enemy and the stoic walls can be awful in ways that is usually a prime reason why men commit suicide ...

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