If unicorns are rare, would not a field/house of them be classified as Nirvana?


I do know this is something I don’t think I could ever be, since sex for me has to have connection. It has to have love and passion for me to drop the walls and let the full passion flow.

It is awesome to seen people able to be free and open like this and to embrace the several hours of happiness or madness or greatness (even repeated over years). I am not jealous … I am an awe.

That being said, on the flip side if my partnered needed a unicorn …. she could definitely have one or two or three or whatever she needed. I chuckle because most guys would say yeah … FFM … and for me that would mean she would be enjoying her sapphic pleasures ….. as for FMM …. (yes I put it first because frankly the women comes first) …. I look at it as the ocean needs and can accept many boats ….

For those interested in dabbling, realize it is a lot of commitment, communication, patience, love and desire since relationships are like a math factorial equation ….. 3! means the relationships that it can be up to 3x the work to maintain (1x2x3) versus a normal relationships (2! or 1x2) and for those that are the unicorn they have to be prepared for 6x the communication.

So take great care of the unicorns because they are magical creatures.

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